Measure impact by getting closer to youth for unparalleled insights.

Keep Opportunity Youth engaged by bringing personalized resources, document sharing, and program enrollment all into one place on their phone.

"Oppro gets youth connected to wraparound services, opportunities, and jobs."

- Tiffany Chenoweth

Project Director I, Pathways to College and Career at 

Alameda County Office of Education


Streamline and deepen youth engagement

Streamline youth engagement for your team by managing resources and opportunities for youth in an all-in-one dashboard that can share, track, and manage opportunities and communication.


Gain insight and measure the impact of resources

Your team may be sharing hundreds of wraparound services with the youth in your program. Now there is a way to track engagement on each resource and opportunity that is shared with youth. Our online dashboard offers analytics which tell you which youth viewed, clicked, and applied for an opportunity, 


Keep up with youth's ever-changing needs

Circumstances for Opportunity Youth are constantly changing and now youth can receive text message alerts each time an opportunity matches their needs and interests which helps them to stay focused and motivated on their goals.

How It Works

Case Managers

Opportunity Youth

Case Managers share resources, opportunities, and digital documents securely to youth instantly via text message from the Oppro online dashboard. Oppro tracks engagement with each opportunity for each individual youth.

Youth share their needs on Oppro and receive text message alerts for resources and opportunities that match their interests. If youth like an opportunity they can save it and then receive, sign and send any digital documents related to the opportunity from their phone.

Meets security requirements for education institutions, CBOs, and schools

Oppro offers data encryption needed for HIPPA compliance.

Oppro automatically encrypts all uploaded documents with a use of Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) 128 which proper access control

Oppro offers Sony R&D technology based secure access control for shared documents.

Only youth has the control to give and/or revoke the access to documents uploaded by the youth. Neither other case managers nor even system administrators has access to the youth documents.


LaShonda Taylor

Director, Pathways to College & Career

Increasing access to opportunity by removing hurdles for youth

"In the past youth had to coordinate an appointment, find transportation to go to a particular office and bring their documents with them. We can begin to eliminate some of those hurdles with Oppro."

"Oppro also reaches young people directly on their phones and gives them the ability to have all their opportunities and personal documents stored securely in one place. This empowers youth to pursue opportunity and have more choice."


Case Studies


How the Alameda County Office of Education helped more Opportunity Youth participate in career and college pathways.

The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) launched its Oppro pilot program in 2020 with a vision of transforming how Opportunity Youth discover and engage with the resources and opportunities that they need in order to pursue their career and academic goals. ACOE had a deep understanding of the unique hurdles faced by Opportunity Youth and had struggled to engage these youth in the past.

The ACOE team reimagined how they might support the outreach and engagement of Opportunity Youth by equipping a local community-based organization, an alternative education program, and a community college team with the Oppro tool to enable a mobile-first experience that allowed Opportunity Youth to proactively curate and pursue opportunities based on their needs.

During ACOE's Oppro pilot, 12 organizations in the county supported 451 young people by sharing 174 resources and opportunities across categories such as health and wellness, housing, food, job training, internships, high school diploma, GED, and college. On average 21% of youth engaged or enrolled in the opportunities each week.

On average 21% of youth engaged or enrolled in the opportunities each week.

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