Success Story

How one K-12 Pathways Coordinator provided personalized support for students with ease.

Flexible communication

Continuous guidance 

Realtime accountability

With a digital connection to every student, Coordinators monitored student engagement throughout the program and tracked where a student might be stuck in the enrollment process or program activities in order to intervene with a simple check-in text message to the student.

Coordinators were finally able to align their work processes with students’ expectations and needs by communicating with students via text message, rather than email, from the Oppro online dashboard.

Oppro’s mobile-first design empowered students with a reliable channel for support throughout their summer program by allowing students to sign enrollment documents securely from their phone and send a text message to ask questions and communicate with their Coordinators.

Oppro helped me individually attend to students so that they felt seen in a way that I couldn't have before.

– Rona Zollinger, Ph.D.,  Program Manager of Pathways to College and Career, Alameda County Office of Education

Story of Success

management such as Google Classroom would not be a fit for Rona’s summer program because these tools relied on traditional email-based communication and notifications which were often disregarded by students in her experience. Other tools such as the Remind app offered the benefit of text message communication but could not facilitate or track digital enrollment documents as they were sent and signed by students in the program. Rona needed to find a tool that would allow her team to streamline communication with students and monitor student engagement throughout the program. Ultimately Oppro was chosen over other tools because it offered a direct connection to students via text, facilitated secure two-way document sharing, and enabled tracking of student engagement. Equipped with Oppro, Rona’s team provided continuous guidance to help the students succeed in the summer program by leveraging text-based communication and engagement analytics so that each student had personalized support. 

Meeting students where they are with what they need.

Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) partnered with local community colleges to coordinate a summer program designed to help high school students explore different careers. In her role as the Program Manager on the Pathways to College and Career Team at ACOE, Rona Zollinger Ph.D., managed state-level coordination of career pathways in order to build bridges between K-12 pathways and community colleges. Rona knew that the success of the students in the remote summer program would rely on her team’s ability to be responsive to students’ needs and to be able to communicate effectively. Existing tools for classroom and program

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